About Excalibershine

Excalibershine is an environmentally friendly fraternity founded by H.E (His Excellency) Duronn “Justis James” Excalibershine (The Chief Prince Adam) in 2011. It´s an organization composed of musicians, actors, actresses, writers, and trail runners. [It’s a private association defined by membership and membership alone.]

Excalibershine means “All Sun All Moon”

May be an image of one or more people, motorcycle and indoor

Born Duronn James, Son of Joseph Merlino aka Skinny Joey. H.E Duronn Justis James Merlino Excalibershine, professionally known as Justis James, is an international recording artist, performing artist, song writer, actor, film maker, writer, philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. He knows his correct information thanks to Freemasonry. His mother was a native from the Mohawk tribe. She left Philadelphia and had him in Norway. She traveled back to Philadelphia Pa and threw him in the trash because she couldn’t take care of him herself. Luckily Cassandra James found him or he would have died in the winter.

He began writing music at 13 after listening to Wu Tang Clan. The music of this Hip Hop group impacted him so greatly, that he began writing about his thoughts, life, and experiences on paper. It was not long before he started traveling to New York, where he was mentored in the Art of song making by Swift and Zevone in the South Bronx. In the early 2000′s he was published in Ozone Magazines 16 bars section,and scored his first song “Wanna Be My Girl” in the film 13 Dead Men, directed by Art Camacho in 2003. In 2007 The United Kingdoms Blues And Soul Magazine (The worlds oldest black music magazine) as an independent doing big things. In 2008 he created a new music genre called “Hip Pop”. And as an independent artist without management or agent representation he has gotten himself top 40 radio exposure in California for his Game Plan mixtape Vol 1 which has been certified classic. Today you can see “Hip Pop” at the top of Russel Simmons site globalgrind.com “The World According To Hip Pop”.In 2010, while Justis James was in the process of recording his 3rd independent album and preparing for a cross country trip to Hollywood documentary he and his associates were doing for a movie, he was struck down by a hit and run driver in Voorhees New Jersey (Causing amnesia for 4 years straight 2010 – 2014). [He didn’t find out that he was Norwegian and that Joey Merlino was his father until later on in his life. And that’s after leaving Giardini Naxos Messina, Sicily in 2013.] That same week, his music was erased from recording studios and he and his long time fiance had broken up. Because of the hit and run accident he had developed amnesia. In 2011 he created back2thefresh.me which is a multipurpose platform consisting of music, film, literature, news, fashion, business, and art (international news).

In 2013 he traveled to Norway to work on some music and film work and finally recorded and performed live again since his hit and run accident. In 2017 he released an all instrumental album called, ‘Stars And Bars’ Instrumental CD that has 4 volumes to it.


He’s also passionate about protecting the earth especially when it comes to its forest and trees. He is against deforestation because the only thing that does is reduces the quality of the earth which destroys it’s natural life. So if you are for protecting the earth then you are an automatic friend of Justis James.


    • NEO (2020)
    • The Flood (2020)
    • Stars And Bars Instrumental CD Vol. 1,2,3,&4 (2017)
    • The Game Plan Vol.1 (2009)
    • The Mac 11 Kid EP (2006)


  • Raytheon 7 (Film Short) 2020
  • Clout (Film Short) 2017
  • About Excalibershine (Short Documentary) 2017
  • 13 Dead Men 2003 (Soundtrack)


  • “All Sun All Moon” (2021)
  • G is 7 (EBook) (2017)

©2021 Excalibershine Enterprises LLC & Back2TheFresh™. All Rights Reserved.

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