A Princess Eve On A Full Moon

Next Full Moon: Saturday, 31 March 2018, 02:36:54 pm

beautiful woman with red cloak hoding apple
A Princess Eves wardrobe.


Excalibershine Doesn’t Need Public Assistance

In the video above about me explaining what Excalibershine The Fraternity is. I said that it’s a Tribe, IF it needs to be.

So initially I was going to accept the Public Assistance Program into it. But there has been a change of plans. I don’t need it inside of it. Therefore It does’t have to go through the FBI’s Department Of The Interior, in order for it or its members to be ‘federally recognized’ in the United States. But each person wanting to join from the United States still has to get an FBI background check. One of the reasons is because it’s anti terroristic.

Excalibershine means: All Sun All Moon. A total eclipse.

You can apply to join today, but recruitment starts April 1st of each year.
Recruitment time: April 1st – August 1st of each year.

Certificate Of Jus Naturale

In order to become a full fledged member of Excalibershine the fraternity, you must earn a Certificate of Jus Naturale. Jus Naturale means natural law or law of nature. As the founder of the fraternity, I received my certificate April 1st 2011. That was 7 years ago. There is no way you can be a full fledged member without a Certificate Of Jus Naturale.


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