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Lindsey Graham: “There is no functioning economy unless we control” coronavirus🇺🇸


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tweeted Monday that he is basing his decisions for coronavirus policy on information from “health care professionals like Dr. Fauci and others, not political punditry.”

Why it matters: In an apparent public rebuke, Graham added a link to a Washington Post article about the Trump administration’s signals that it might move to loosen restrictions on businesses at the end of the White House’s 15-day social distancing period as an economic salve, as reported by Axios’ Jonathan Swan. “There is no functioning economy unless we control the virus,” he said.

What he’s saying: “Try running an economy with major hospitals overflowing, doctors and nurses forced to stop treating some because they can’t help all, and every moment of gut-wrenching medical chaos being played out in our living rooms, on TV, on social media, and shown all around the world,” Graham tweeted. Read more by clicking here: AXIOS