My album STARZ, All Sun All Moon, & The Time I Met Mrs. Clause have all been pushed back.

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The very 1st time I posted my documentary “Illumination Blueminatti” was September 9, 2011: Illumination Blueminatti is a documentary on Indigo and Chrystal Children. Indigo children/Crystal Children are children who are claimed to possess special, unusual and/or supernatural traits or abilities. Anderson Cooper and a few others have touched on the subject of Indigo’s, but my approach and perspective is a little different from theirs. I personally believe Indigo Children/Crystal Children are the next step in human evolution. So be on the lookout for my 40 minute documentary… (Illumination Blueminatti The Documentary)

It’s a documentary that I post poned because I couldn’t find any participants in the United States.

I traveled outside of the United States and saw what I was looking for but I never mentioned my documentary because I felt as though there might have been a chance that just like in the United States, no one would participate. (My National Geographic Pictures)

But I’m back in the United States and my perception has been altered tremendously. My personal research gave me new insight.

Now I’ve made an announcement via twitter and other social networking sites a while back about how I post poned the documentary because I felt as though people weren’t ready for it because of the lack of participation.

Now I’ve been working on my music and film projects alone and no one else is helping.

I find that strange being as though I’ve been influencing the entertainment business with ideas and creativity in both the music and film world for a very long time from the higher echelons of it to the entrance, especially after my hit and run accident.

That lets me know that people are watching and imitating and not directly helping me with my projects.

I’ve been in the cities for the most part working on my projects which isn’t good for me at all. I need to be in a more wooded area so that I can focus without interference.

I didn’t give up my projects, it’s just taking some time to get done.

I do what I do for the youth so this explanation was needed…

– Justis James




The Prince of Wales

On 30 Jan: The Prince of Wales – Patron, the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL), will attend the Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards Dinner at Buckingham Palace.

The Prince of Wales Patron, the Cambridge Programme,
for Sustainability Leadership,
(CPSL), will attend the Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards without demands,
Dinner at Buckingham Palace, is a short trip,
And Patron of the Soil Association with clean hands,
will host a reception for NHS Commissioners, Clarence House, London, Big Ben Ticks.

Justis James™ Did It
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I Don’t Have A Valentine

Never try to be my secret enemy, it’s not worth it, be true to me.

Because destiny and karma comes in 2’s and 3’s.

I would rather have a secret lover than the other.

Know what I mean? smothered under covers.

I don’t want her who plays war, I want her who plays love.

I would rather sit in a hot tub with her under suds.

I mean Valentines Day is coming up and I don’t have one.

I’m not looking but I need one to find me, so come.

But if it’s worth it, I’ll pursue, I’ll court.

I’ll run all around her like a sport.

Light your fire with a torch in the bedroom or the porch.

Are you playing all quarters? or just the 4th?

Justis James™ Did It

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On 28 Jan: The Princess Royal – Patron, Opportunity International United Kingdom, will hold a Dinner, St. James’s Palace, London, SW1.


The Princess Royal Patron, Opportunity International
United Kingdom, will hold a Dinner, St. James’s Palace,
London, SW1, should be magical.


Justis James™ Did It
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